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When your cherished Hokies are on the road for a big game or championship match up, you’ve gotta be there to cheer them on to victory. We have the resources and connections to make sporting event travel simple and quick for Virginia Tech alumni and sports fans. Ensure your place in the stands of an away game with our Virginia Tech Sports Travel packages.

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2022 Football Season


VT at ODU Sep 2 (Fri)

VT vs Boston College Sep 10 (Sat)

VT vs Wofford Sep 17 (Sat)

VT vs WVU Sep 22 (Thurs)

VT at UNC Oct 1 (Sat)

VT at Pitt Oct 8 (Sat)

VT vs Miami Oct 15 (Sat)

VT at NC State Oct 27 (Thurs)

VT vs Georgia Tech Nov 5 (Sat)

VT at Duke Nov 12 (Sat)

VT at Liberty Nov 19 (Sat)

VT vs UVA Nov 26 (Sat)



VT Football

How can you take your Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi! chant all the way into enemy territory?  Martin has all of the official football away game packages.